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Maths tutoring - My tutoring & teaching work

In order to bring the subject some solid context, I consider it would serve to start a topic by initial discussing its value. After that I would run through some easy instances. I have to emphasise that there are no stupid enquiries, anything to assist a student's understanding is vital. After I've gone through a couple of examples, I want to have the student run through their personal instance, talking to me pretending they were the tutor and I was the tutee.

Many studies have shown that attempting to describe a principle you have actually a while ago learned helps greatly in memorisation and understanding. If I'm satisfied with their teaching, I want to test their critical thinking by giving them a problem based upon everything discovered in the lesson, however with subtle adjustments that need the tutee to actively engage with the work, instead of be on "auto-pilot".

Home assignment will certainly be established on the topic talked about (nothing too intense), as well as even more lessons will be spent addressing exam-styled enquiries prior to proceeding to the following topic.

Throughout sessions I want to encourage a fairly informal, pleasant atmosphere. I enjoy teaching, and also I really hope students have a good time in my training sessions, and a relaxed mind is much better at studying.